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The EMI Music Research Engine (the “System”) is private, and may be used solely for promotional, business-to-business purposes. The System may be accessed only by authorized users as determined by EMI in its sole and absolute discretion (“Authorized Users”), and Authorized Users may access the System only via an active and valid System account (a “System Account”). System Accounts are granted and activated to Authorized Users only by EMI Music Publishing, in its sole and absolute discretion. System Accounts may be suspended and/or terminated for any reason, at any time, without prior notice. System Accounts are non-transferable, and Authorized Users are strictly prohibited from granting any other person and/or entity access to their System Accounts.

Access to the System and all content on the System, including without limitation, all copyrighted works, songs, trademarks, patents and/or any other property on or associated with the System (collectively, the “Content”) is strictly limited to Authorized Users with active and valid System Accounts. The System, System Accounts and/or any Content may be used solely for the business-to-business purpose of identifying and previewing musical compositions for possible synchronization or other licensed uses (such licenses to be separately obtained from EMI, and no such licenses are expressly or impliedly granted herein or hereby). The System, System Accounts and/or Content may not be used for any other purpose whatsoever, including, but not limited to any other commercial or personal use, and any distribution, modification, reproduction, transmission, public performance and/or other use or exploitation of the System, System Accounts and/or any Content other than for the purposes described in the preceding sentence is strictly prohibited. All persons (including Authorized Users) are strictly prohibited from hyperlinking and/or reproducing, distributing, providing and/or transmitting any hyperlink(s) to the System, a System Account and/or any Content in any way whatsoever. EMI may watermark or otherwise identify Content on the System, and EMI reserves the right to take any action against any person (including any Authorized User) who has violated these terms of use. No licenses, whether express or implied, in or to the System, System Accounts and/or any Content are granted to any Authorized Users and/or any other persons or entities. Any use of or access to any Content outside of the System is subject to additional clearances and licenses, which EMI Music Publishing may or may not grant, in its discretion.

Neither EMI Music Publishing, nor any other third party, makes any warranty or representation, express or implied, with respect to the System and/or the Content. The System and access to and use of all Content within the System are supplied "as is." EMI Music Publishing (on its own behalf and on behalf of any third parties) specifically denies any liability for any loss or damages which may be incurred, directly or indirectly, by anyone using the System and/or the Content within the System.

The System and Content are the intellectual property of EMI Music Publishing. © 2010 EMI Music Publishing. All rights reserved.

Application developed by EMI in conjunction with Conaty Consulting LLC + Reolo Design